Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
Life of luxury oil
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  • Life of Luxury Oil is a blend dedicated to the rich and mysterious traditions of our European ancestors. It is great for prosperity spells and while working on any type of new venture or undertaking. Use it for a prosperous business or to advance your career. It can be used for raises, business growth, financial prosperity, and the overall success of one’s goals. It comes in a ½ oz glass bottle.
  • What does Life of Luxury Oil do:
  • Enhance prosperity and abundance.
  • Promote success in a new venture or endeavor.
  • Draw riches, luxury, and wealth into your life.
  • Bolster business and career-related advancement.
  • What are the ingredients in Life of Luxury Oil:
  • Loaded with herbs and oils revered for their ability to aid in wealth, abundance, and prosperity, our Life of Luxury Oil includes yellow dock, sassafras, vervain, basil, meadowsweet, acorn, pyrite, and many others.
  • How to use Life of Luxury Oil:
  • Our Life of Luxury Oil can be worn on the body, used in a bath, or anointed on your favorite jewelry before wearing. Anoint some important papers, bank statements, or cash in your wallet. Place a few drops of oil in a bowl full of rice and keep it under your bed. Anoint some on a buckeye, acorn, or whole nutmeg and carry it on you. Use some to rub down your front door or place of business. Dab some on your business cards, your cash register, or job applications. Put some on your hands before meeting important people or put a few drops in the heel of your shoe. Add a few drops on some cedar chips and leave them by your front door.
  • How to use Life of Luxury Oil in a Spell or Ritual:
  • For a candle ritual, we suggest working with a green 7-knob candle. Take a few drops of our Life of Luxury Oil and draw the oil up the candle towards the wick. Then, on a piece of parchment paper or a piece of a brown paper bag, write out your petition. Fold the paper in half, making sure you fold the paper towards you, so the crease is away. Place the candle in an appropriate candle holder and set it on top of your petition. When ready, say a prayer or speak your intention while lighting the candle. You may also recite Psalm 23. Burn one knob a night for a total of 7 nights. Use a candle snuffer to put out the flame or smother it; do not blow it out. Take the remains and bury them in your backyard or leave them at a crossroads. If you are lucky enough to have an oak tree nearby, you can place the remains near its base.
  • Our Life of Luxury Oil can also be used to empower and bless an amulet. One of the more powerful amulets used in Europe was the seashell. Cowrie shells work well and have historically been revered for their ability to draw in both prosperity and protection. In Europe, they were even once used as a form of currency. You can work with any type of amulet that may have significance for you. It can be a piece of jewelry (rings work great), a gemstone, bead, or even a small piece of wood from your favorite type of tree. All you will need is a white votive candle and some yellow or gold string or thread. Anoint your candle with some Life of Luxury Oil by running your finger around the wick in a clockwise direction. When ready, light the candle and pick up the piece of yellow or gold string. You are going to make 9 knots. Each time you tie a knot in the thread, say your intention out loud. Next, take your thread and wrap it around your amulet. Hold the amulet over the candle and repeat the following:
  • “May God above and all-around look down on me and be it so. Bless, protect and all shall grow.”
  • Anoint the amulet every new moon.
  • In another version of this, the candle is not necessary. Simply perform the knot spell and wrap your amulet. Anoint it with oil, then bury it overnight during a full moon (you may want to bury it in a plastic bag).

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