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  • Quick Cash Oil was designed to aid you in times of financial need. For those of you who may be facing money issues, it can help you draw in quick money. Whether it's financial debt, outstanding bills, or money that is owed to you, our Quick Cash Oil clears away blockages, changes one’s luck, and lets the money roll in. It can also be used in any type of abundance work as many of the herbs in this blend target overall prosperity, wealth, and financial growth. It comes in a ½ oz. glass bottle.
  • What does Quick Cash Oil do:
  • Bring fast cash when needed.
  • Help get rid of debt, and financial distress, and pay off bills.
  • Eradicate blocks and obstacles that stand in the way of money coming in.
  • Draw abundance, prosperity, and financial growth.
  • What are the ingredients in Quick Cash Oil:
  • It is made with chicory, cinnamon, nutmeg, Irish moss, basil, magnetic sand, and an array of other herbs, oils, and resins.
  • How to use Quick Cash Oil in a Spell or Ritual:
  • Quick Cash Oil can be dabbed on business cards, applications, bills, invoices, or any type of paperwork that relates to one’s finances. Anoint some on a dollar and leave it in your wallet. Put a few drops into the right heel of your shoe or rub some on your front door to draw money into the home. Anoint some on a whole nutmeg, silver dime, or acorn and carry it in your pocket. You can also anoint a green candle, drawing the oil up the candle towards the wick. While lighting it says a prayer or affirmation and visualizes yourself experiencing financial abundance.
  • One of our favorite ways to use Quick Cash Oil is to create a “Toby” or “Charm.” A Toby is simply a small amount of magically charged items that are wrapped into a bundle. For getting immediate financial relief, get a fresh basil leaf, green thread, ground cinnamon, powdered nutmeg, and a silver dime. Take your dime, cinnamon, and nutmeg and place them in the center of your basil leaf. Gently wrap the basil leaf around the contents. Then take your string and wrap it around the basil leaf. While wrapping, make sure you are winding the thread in a clockwise direction. Each time you wrap the contents, say “money is coming to me now.” After the contents are completely wrapped in thread, tie three knots so the thread will not unwind. Take a few drops of Quick Cash Oil and dab a bit on the toby. You will want to repeat this once a week, preferably on a Thursday. Carry this on you as you go about your day. Before handling any money, make sure you focus on your Toby. Touch it, hold it and visualize money coming towards you.
  • Sold as a Curio. For external use only. Keep away from children and pets. Chat with me on WhatsApp at 09068667071 for more oils.

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